A logo that moves smoothly

20 Dec

This logo is designed for the inaugural Empire State Marathon as part of their logo competition (go ahead and vote for it! #37  Some submissions are more poster than logo so we’ll see what happens).

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Interface Design (Floating Redo)

17 Dec


Blog 10 makeup

14 Dec

Spot Color

On the cover of Vibe magazine the designer used a robin’s egg blue shade as a spot color. The the background and a few parts of the text pop against the black and white photograph because they are done in this color.


This advertisement is a good example of a yellow duotone over a black and white photograph.

Analogous colors

On this cover of Lucky the analogous colors pink, peach, and orange are used. The soft colors compliment each other and are especially effective for a spring issue.

Complimentary colors

This issue of O magazine uses orange and blue on the cover. They are bright shades of both colors making them complimentary without conflicting.

Triadic Harmonies

Lady Gaga, known for her bright, wild style, is pictured here in the primary colors red, yellow, and blue.

Blog Assignment #8 Make-Up

11 Dec


I think that the Sunkist logo really effectively incorporates a great use of type and visual to represent exactly what the logo is trying to sell. I think that the leaf being on top of the letter “i” instead of a simple dot is really effective because it associates the type with something that is grown. Combined with the orange sunshine in the background I think this immediatley triggers oranges to the viewer. This is effective since Sunkist is the makers of a brand of orange soda!

I think that this logo is really effective because it doesn’t simply use an orange, but rather it makes the reader think of oranges and sunshine and associate those types of refreshing and happy things with their product.  I also think the usage of complementary colors adds a dynamic look to the overall logo and really makes the inside orange color really pop out next to the blue.

Overall, even the logo makes me thirsty for an orange soda!!

A lot to learn about printing

11 Dec

I think that I learned that printing really is an entire process that takes a lot of skill and time working with and within the industry to really understand how much work goes into making a good print. I think that in my career, gathering as much information and knowledge about printing will really benefit me because I will be able really understand the industry better to get the best deal.

Just Dance (Floating Redo)

11 Dec

Website Design Floating Redo

9 Dec