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Retro Magazine

7 Dec

mag layout12



3 Dec

The most interesting thing i learned about printing is that depending on what type of paper you print on the color can be radically different. I had assumed that their may be slight variations but the wide contrast evident by the color code in class made me realize how important selecting the right type of paper is when designing.

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2 Dec

Simple clear type

17 Nov

The type in this magazine layout isn’t anything fancy, and yet it still creates a successful magazine layout. First, there is a nice color gestalt created between the image and the text. The image is essentially black and white with blue highlights which is recreated in the text headline. Also, the simple sans serif in the headline is very readable and clean. The deck head is a serif which creates a good contrast, while also maintaining high readability. Finally, by making the deck head type a little transparent, it ensures that although the layout is not very graphically complicated, the picture and headline are still the first thing the reader sees. The transparent deck head almost begs the reader to read it and find out what really is going on in the article.

The flexibility of color

5 Nov

Spot Color

This magazine spread uses pink as a spot color. The pink in the design and text creates a visual gestalt that links together the image and copy.







This poster of the Parisian streets uses brown as the duotone color to give a little more life to an otherwise black and white image.









Analogous Colors

This painting is made up of analogous colors. Purple, blue, and turquoise are all located next to each other on the color wheel.







Complimentary Colors

The blue and orange on the cover of this vanity fair are complimentary colors because they are located directly opposite each other on the color wheel.









Triadic Harmonies

This magazine cover utilizes magenta yellow and turquoise. These three colors create a triadic harmony and compliment each other well.

Ben Klein Logo

27 Oct

guitar center

24 Oct


The guitar center logo takes a very direct route towards incorporating the text with the image. The G of guitar center doesn’t necessarily look like a G but it still works very well with the logo. There is no question about what the guitar represents and yet the logo is still very readable. The typeface of the logo is also comparable to the image. The image is playful and the type is playful. I think this is a very successful logo and accurately represents the brand.