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Blog Assignment #13

1 Dec

This week I just want you to tell me one thing you learned about printing in class.  Only a sentence or two, and how you may use this knowledge in the future.


Blog Assignment #12

16 Nov

Moving on from the magazine layout project to begin your web design, for this weeks blog I want you to look for great website designs.  I want you to find at least four, make sure to embed the link of the website (do this in a way so you are not pasting the whole URL, instead if your site is link The Daily Orange),  take screen shot if you can, and a brief description of the purpose of the site (i.e. what is the company, product, or purpose).

Underneath the brief description I want one paragraph analyzing what attracts you to the site and what you would improve.  When looking for your four sites find ones that have unique elements that stand out.  For instance: one could have an amazing color palette while another utilizes text well.  Don’t find four examples that you like for exactly the same reasons.

Also just wanted to remind you all to post your magazine designs to the blog and comment on another student’s project.  If you have missed any blogs throughout the semester and make them up, please send me an e-mail.

Channeling Type

13 Nov

While the initial photo of this spread is a little smaller than I had wanted for this post, I still feel it is effectively represented. I feel like the main type component of this spread is the contrast between the serif and the sans-serif typefaces.

I was instantly drawn to the way that the title is in a medium and all caps sans-serif font. I think that against the script that is in the sub heading, it really adds a very interesting touch that draws the reader into the spread. I also feel as if the script is a really unique choice for the sub heading because it effectively complements the caps title of the article.

In contrast with the heading and sub heading, I feel like the serif font used for the body text really provides not only a great contrast, but a more elegant  and feminine touch to the overall feel of the article. I think that this is really effective and connects well to the picture on the right side of the spread. Overall, I think that the contrast between serif and sans-serif typefaces is difficult to achieve, but is effectively achieved within this spread.

Blog Assignment #11

9 Nov

I know you are all diligently working on your magazine layout projects so this weeks bog will be simple and hopefully easy to find.

Going off from our discussion on type today in class I would like you to find an example of a magazine page that has a type scheme you really like.  Be sure to identify the different elements of the type and if you know which typeface it is please identify them. Make sure to  make your analysis concise yet thorough.

Across the Color Wheel

4 Nov

Spot Color:

This cover from Vogue uses the bright blue spot color from the models dress to influence the deeper shade used for the title, as well as other lighter shades seen in the models bracelet.


This picture of pop-culture figure, Marilyn Monroe shows her photographed with a red duotone over top of the black and white photo.


Analogous Colors:

This cover effectively pairs the colors green and blue together, making use of different lighter shades of the colors paired next to each other as the reader scans to the bottom of the cover.

Complementary Colors:

This cover from The Oprah Magazine not only plays off of an upcoming holiday, but utilizes the complementary red and green colors to make a really dynamic contrast from the dress Oprah is wearing to the dark green boxed title of the magazine.


Triadic Harmonies:

This spread effectively blends solid and bright blocks of red, blue and yellow together taken  from the comic book pictures  to set a comic book like feel to the tone and overall aesthetic of the spread.

Blog Assignment #10

2 Nov

Working off of the discussion on color we had in class, for this week I will be asking you to find examples of color in design that fit the below categories.  You must find at least three of the examples from a magazine page, spread, or cover, the other two can be from any mode of design.  You only need to write a one sentence explanation of your choice for each category.  This is an exercise to show me that you understand the differences in color we discussed in class.

The five categories you must find designs for are:

  1. Spot Color
  2. Duotones
  3. Analogous colors
  4. Complimentary colors
  5. Triadic harmonies

Your posts should be set up as follows:

  • Category Subhead (i.e. spot color)
  • Uploaded image
  • One sentence explanation

Repeated for each category.

Blog Assignment #9

26 Oct

As we move from the logo assignment to the magazine layout project we will be diving deeper into our understanding of color.

For this weeks blog post I want you to find an example of a magazine spread that uses color effectively.  You need to not only explain why you like it, but also incorporate a discussion on why the color choice is effective in terms of design and concept.  In this I will be looking for your understanding of complimentary colors, hue, intensity (saturation), value (tone), warm versus cool colors, the hierarchy of color on the page, etc. (look back to the blog assignment #6 for good links on the principles of color and the Amy Arntson book)

I want you to look at how the color affects the viewer, what does it make you think of, how does it affect your mood, what are the main associations with the color and does it relate to the concept behind the design. And as always offer any criticism to how they could improve upon their choice of color.

You will also be required to find your layout in an actual magazine and not the internet.  I want you all to spend time looking at different magazines and how the layouts reflect their purpose, which is much easier to do if you have the actual product in your hand.  You must upload a scanned copy of the layout to your post as a reference.