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Interface Design (Floating Redo)

17 Dec



The emerging power of augmented reality

1 Dec

The most interesting topic Professor Taylor discussed on Tuesday was the development of augmented reality and how magazines and other companies are using it. With the availability of information on the Web, magazines and companies like Hallmark have looked for ways to compete with Web sites and e-cards.

Esquire’s special 75th edition augmented reality issue (the first magazine issue to have augmented reality spreads) didn’t sell as well as the magazine thought it would, but Hallmark’s AR cards may create a whole new world for AR designers. Although I plan to work as an online journalist in the future, I am interested in seeing how print publications and companies will use it to re-energize their creative thinking.

HOOPLA – An Entertainment Magazine

20 Nov

Well designed Web sites keep you coming back

19 Nov

Doron Gild, a brilliant photographer from Brookyln, has a very simple Web site set up that is easy to navigate. It doesn’t appear to follow a grid for the layout and I think that is one of the reasons that I like it so much. The photos on display help too. Gild doesn’t have a lot of information to present to the visitors to his site like a news site would so he can get away with this type of design.

The black background allows his photos (Ra Ra Riot is captured in this shot) to receive all the attention. The purpose of his site is to showcase his talent to the public and prospective buyers, and his site accomplishes that. He uses gray and white text for the navigation bars and a bright red to define which page is active.

We discussed in class that red text on a black background is the least successful combination for sites. I would probably change the red to another color to make it easier to read. I think a blue might work better. However, everything else on this site looks great and I wouldn’t change anything else. I’ve visited this site several times since I’ve discovered it and I think it is because I love Gild’s work and the clean site is a nice change from typical web sites.

The Vegetarian Times is a wonderful magazine that I subscribe to. Their site presents content from the magazine like recipes and cooking tips.

TVT uses green and purple (complementary colors) to make the site attractive. I like the bright yellow search “bar” in the top right corner of the layout because it helps users find it easily. Some sites don’t display their search bars effectively and it becomes frustrating when you need to find something quickly. The white background used also makes the text easy to read. I also think it’s great that the different fonts used aren’t too busy.

The grid used for this site’s layout keeps most of the content on the left side of the page. I think that was a good decision since we are used to reading from left to right. The deep green navigation bar with the white capitalized words is perfect for the site and one of my favorite parts of it.

I wouldn’t change anything about this site. It presents content in a clean and effective way.

Buffalo Place Inc. is the not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the economic health and quality of life in Downtown Buffalo. Buffalo Place is a great resource guide for all the events going on in the city. This colorful site has a lot going on but I think it was designed in a way that the colors aren’t too much.

I think that the information is presented in a way that keeps the site interesting. The tabs on the upper right of the page labeled “LIVE,” “WORK,” and “PLAY” are fun and a nice touch. You can tell that the site was designed on a grid but extra touches like the tabs help it stand out.

The only thing I would change about this site would be the purple used for the “What’s New” section. I would probably change it to the blue used for the “Featured Events” section to tone down the colors just a little bit. Besides that, I think the fonts, navigation bar and overall design are successful.

Jason Munn is a fantastic graphic designer from California. His work ranges from book covers, album packaging, T-shirt designs, screen-printed posters, and illustrations. I love the simplicity of his posters and his site (which is named The Small Stakes after his successful independent design studio).

The white background used for the site is perfect the display of his work. The grid used presents a very focused look at his work. Gray is used for the text and a very basic drop down navigation bar is placed in the top left corner of the site’s layout. I like how he displays multiple thumbnails of his work on the left side of the site that you can easily click and view.

I wouldn’t change anything about Munn’s site. He is a talented designer that obviously knows how to transfer his skills from print to the screen effectively.

Elegant Type Matches Spread

12 Nov

The simplistic typefaces chosen for this spread from Flaunt Magazine work perfectly.  The pastel infused spread is delicate and beautiful and the text helps to reflect that. It is obvious that the art director is giving the photos the most attention in it.

The headline appears to reflect the close-up photo of  Anna on the right page of the first spread. Her name is in a font that is lightweight with large x-heights and it mirrors the actress’ hairstyle that poofs up. Her first name was tracked to match up with the length of her last name. “Second Nature” is bold and matches the appearance of  Anna’s eyes. It looks as though the color of her eyes was used for the font and the bold text draws you in just like her eyes do.

The deckhead, like the rest of the spread, is simple. It is also concise. “Scenestealing comes easy for the spritely performer” has an extremely light weight and is right to the point. The small amount of text used in the second spread doesn’t do much for the spread. The photo is the most important part of it and it is easy to see that not much attention was given to the arrangement of the text in the rest of the spread.

In Search of a Double Rainbow: Defining Color Categories

5 Nov

Spot Color:

This page from Good Housekeeping presents an excellent example of spot color. The orange from the burning candle was used in the headline and deckhead of the article to draw attention to it.


This shot of Big Ben looks attractive and historical because of the brown tone that was added to the photo.


This festive cover of Real Simple Magazine displays analogous colors at their finest. The soft yellow gourds, light orange pumpkins and orange background look wonderful together.


The bright orange text and images compliment the vibrant blue on this magazine’s front cover.

Triadic Harmonies:

The light blue, red and yellow in this modern room successfully accomplish triadic harmony.

Deandra Modica – Logo Project

1 Nov