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quick coffee (blog 7 make up)

8 Dec


Dunkin’ Donuts logo has a very successful logo design.  Its colors, orange and pink are analogous colors because they are next to each other on the color wheel.  This gives the overall appearance a very appealing look to the entire design.  I like how the colors are used in different places throughout the whole design.  They break up the colors well with the coffee cup between them on the logo and then the two d’s are each in pink and orange.

I also like how the coffee cup is in brown instead of black.  The brown works much better with the rest of the color scheme.  I think the use of steam coming out of the cup says a lot about the freshness of Dunkin’s coffee.  Dunkin’ is infamous for their coffee so including a coffee cup adds to the logo.


perfect printing

5 Dec

I leaned a lot about printing in class that I would have never even thought about.  After taking this class I have a much better realization and appreciation about getting the right printer that prints colors exactly the way you want to.  Its so hard to match each color on the screen to the color that will appear on the paper.  We also learned about how depending on the paper that is used, the color would turn out different.  It doesn’t only rely on the type of printer but the paper type as well.  It was also very interesting to see all the different ways that you can print something to give simple information or image a different look.  All of the examples that were passed around in class opened my eyes to printing in everyday life.

webpage design

2 Dec

layouts, color choice, links and more

19 Nov

Websites are apart of our daily life.  They have become a very reliable source of just about any piece of information and service that you can image.  Webpage design has changed a lot as websites have become increasingly popular and reliable.  Here are four different websites that I have found to be visually appealing and successful for different reasons.

J.Crew’s website is a very clean and classic website.  It uses whitespace very successfully and attracts viewers of all age groups.  I think that that is one of J.Crews most successful characteristics.  I find J.Crews webpage to be very easy to navigate through,  Across the top of the page they have links that lead you to different pages on the website and on the left hand side of the homepage, J.Crew has links that leads you to different collections the store is involved in.

Free People is another online shopping website that does a successful job at displaying their clothing to their customers.  It is very easy to navigate.  My favorite design element of this website is the way that they use small detailed drawings that give the website a more casual feel.  It gives the feel a very welcoming feel.  The website is clean and very manageable. When you lead your mouse over the different links the rest of the page increases its transparency and the focus is on the link where your mouse landed.

Coach has another great example of a website.  Its use of color to put on the page is what makes this website so successful.  I really love how the colors are pulled from a single color image that is placed next to black and white images.  This gives the website such a clean look to it.  I think that it also attracts the viewers to the coach products.  It gives the products a nice appearance.  The black sidebar with white links is a very nice touch to the webpages overall appearance.

Blockbusters website is also a successful website however I do not like it as much as the other three that I have spoken about.  I think it is a little cluttered but it still is easy to manage even with all of the clutter.  It has the bar to navigate to other pages right at the top of the website so it is easy find against the clutter.  I think it would have been more successful if they used less background color then they did.  This would give the images less clutter because there would be less mixed color use.

katy perry: magazine project

16 Nov

tricky type

12 Nov

I chose this spread because the typography that was chose for the title of the page completly pulls two opposite images together to make an appealing design.  The spread is demonstrating a transformation in dress from classic dress to rocker chic.  The images on this page influence the typography a lot which is why I find it most sucessful.

On the left side the classic dress is on top of a light grey.  The font reads glam which is a golden cursive which pops off the grey background.  The color keeps with the image and is pulled out from the heels that the blonde is wearing.  On the facing page, the image is of the same models dressed in a completely opposite way.  This typography reads Rock in a very rough typography.  The roughness completely follows the image and the warm color red pops off the pages background which is black.  The red is also pulled out from the guitar that one of the models is holding.

The typography is different for both pages yet it ties the entire spread together.  If the type did not match with the images on the page the spread would not come together as well.  It is very appealing and the repetitiveness of the theme demonstrates the theme in a stronger way.

color is everyway

5 Nov

Spot Color:


This Vogue Cover is a very sucessful example use of spot color.  The deep blue from the dress is pulled to be used as the text color in the title.  The use of spot color in this image gives the cover a very simple and appealing look.










This layout uses a brow duotone very successfully for this bleeding image on the colors.  I think that instead of using just a plain black and white image, the brow makes the building pop in the skyline.





Analogous Colors:

This layout for Bom Magazine, uses color a lot throughout the entire design.  It was a successful use because the colors that are used are analogous colors and blend well with each other.






Complementary Colors:

This image and its colors are visually appealing because the red and green are complementary colors.  This means that the colors sit directly across from each other on the color wheel.






Triadic Harmonies:

The three colors that are used on this cover magazine of Bazzar Magazine is making up a triadic harmony.  The green, pink and orange-tone skin color of the image and text color are visually pulling the cover together.