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Save the Trees!

3 Dec

My other major is in environmental geography so I have always been very interested in the environment.  I hate how much excessive paper we use not only with how we carelessly print but the superfluous handouts we get in every class.

Cutting down trees is bad for the environment in many ways obviously, but deforestation plays a large role in global warming.

I was glad to hear in lecture that paper companies replant trees each time they take them down.  Obviously they are not being very effective because we are still having major problems environmentally, but I am glad that it is at least a start.


Their is a Reason we all go to These Websites

18 Nov

Apple is all about being new, trendy, and modern. They have a website that does just that as well. Apple is also known for its toolbar, so they use that very effectively in their website. Apple has presented itself as a company of the future and their website is obviously designed to further their hip image. They have tons of content but still have designed a site that is simple to navigate and has an easy eye flow through the page.
Twitter’s website really plays off the image of the company well and also answers questions and misconceptions about Twitter.  Twitter has had to overcome the stigma of “why should I use Twitter?  It is so stupid and egocentric.”  Their website immediately has a link for why, and also a byline for what exactly Twitter does.  It also has a very simple lay out that is complimentary to their company, they are all about simple quick and easy messages (limit of 140 characters), their website is similarly made.

NetFlix is an internet-based company so they must have a very successful website.  Netflix uses a red color in their website that I feel has became to become identified with Netflix.  They have wisely been able to brand themselves with this color red, they do it with the use of their envelopes that anyway familiar with their company will be able to instantly pick out.  And Netflix also has a fairly simple navigation bar that allows viewer’s to quickly select the titles that they wan, since Netflix is a company based on convenience.

Facebook is the website that brought the entire world population together.  They make sure that they visualize that in their opening home page.  It really shows visually the connectivity that Facebook has allowed for people around the world.  It is very obvious to every person who goes to their website the first time that Facebook is a social network that is reaching worldwide.  The website also uses a strong color scheme with complementary colors with the contrast of blue and orange on the colorwheel creating an aesthetically pleasing image.


18 Nov

A Snowy Headline

12 Nov

This is a fun and creative use of type to add to the visual of the layout.  The letters have snow and ice on them to add continuity to the topic of the article which is all about a new possible ice age.

The text is also colored well.  The use of blue and white to create a cold wintry feel to the spread.  But a subtle third color also adds to the overall visual aesthetic.  The use of orange, like in the deckhead  and at the top of each column of text creates adds a complementary color to the blue throughout the rest of the design.

5 Nov

Spot Color

This cover from Elle uses the purple from the model’s dress to create the background for the photo.  The background has various shades from the dress to focus the model more.


This photo old 20th century gangsters is duotone with a yellowish color over top of a black and white photo.

Analogous Colors

This copy of Parents uses analogous colors effectively in its layout.  The use of the various shades of the blues and purples complement each other giving the cover a soft feeling.


This cover of Entertainment has a great use of complementary colors, the dark black suit creates great contrast with the yellow dress drawing in the reader’s eye.


This logo shows triadic colors perfectly, the red, blue, and yellow in the design all sit roughly 120 degrees away from each other on the color wheel giving the image a please aesthetic like an old comic book.

The Chevrolet Cruze Jumps Off the Page

31 Oct

When I think of ads in magazines I think of car ads.  Maybe it is because of the types of magazines that I read as a guy (such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, etc.) they market cars to men.

Car commercials try to attract the viewer in my ways and try to focus on their desires and fantasies.  This ad is no different.  The ad shows the freedom that the Chevrolet Cruze will provide the driver.  This is done effectively with the use of color in the ad.  The red of the car compared to the blue background of the sky.

Red and blue are complementary colors because they are on opposite sides of the color wheel and in addition to that red is a warm color so it moves to the front while the blue sky recedes into the background.

The picture also has a very bright saturation, which is the brightness of the color verses it’s actual color.  The red car has a very strong saturation and compared to the very grey blue background the car really jumps off the page.

Logo Project

25 Oct

Business Card