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Blog Assignment #8 Make-Up

11 Dec


I think that the Sunkist logo really effectively incorporates a great use of type and visual to represent exactly what the logo is trying to sell. I think that the leaf being on top of the letter “i” instead of a simple dot is really effective because it associates the type with something that is grown. Combined with the orange sunshine in the background I think this immediatley triggers oranges to the viewer. This is effective since Sunkist is the makers of a brand of orange soda!

I think that this logo is really effective because it doesn’t simply use an orange, but rather it makes the reader think of oranges and sunshine and associate those types of refreshing and happy things with their product.  I also think the usage of complementary colors adds a dynamic look to the overall logo and really makes the inside orange color really pop out next to the blue.

Overall, even the logo makes me thirsty for an orange soda!!


A lot to learn about printing

11 Dec

I think that I learned that printing really is an entire process that takes a lot of skill and time working with and within the industry to really understand how much work goes into making a good print. I think that in my career, gathering as much information and knowledge about printing will really benefit me because I will be able really understand the industry better to get the best deal.

Just Dance (Floating Redo)

11 Dec

Four fantastic websites!

19 Nov

I really like the Free Rice website because I really like the way the use of green color in different shades contrasts with the rice in the background. The majority of the text on the site is black, while some of the type in the heading and a few other places on the site is sort of an off-white color. I think that the black and the off white make an interesting contrast that make the text easy to read. The site is also not cluttered with complicated instructions or annoying ads, which I think makes the reader more interesting in participating and reading more about the website. If you haven’t been to Free Rice its a great site and it goes to a good cause too!

I really like the website for the Metropolitan Museum of Art because the use of  the complementary color scheme combined with the large, enticing picture is really eye-catching. The first time I ever visited this site I wanted to go to the museum as soon as I saw the picture! This site does a great job at drawing in readers by showing the beauty that makes up the museum. I think that the text over top of the picture is also really eye-catching because it is simple, and invites visitors to click to visit and explore the website more. I think that the simplicity of the site really makes visitors want to click to explore more because the picture is so enticing.

The website for Elle magazine is also another really great website because it is really easy to navigate. I think that it is really important for website to be easily navigated because if visitors feel as if they are confused and unable to get the information they want, they will lose interest. Not only is the bar with the different choices easy to navigate, but since fashion can be such a broad field, they break it down into different categories such as runway and general fashion. I think that this makes the site really easy to navigate and if readers are just visiting for the first time, they can click on some of the headlines or pictures that would be interesting and attracting to visitors.

Food Gawker is by far one of my favorite websites ever. As seen in the screen shot I took, the entire website is made up of boxes with different amazing looking dishes that encompass every category of food. In terms of type, I love the way food gawker is left in a sans-serif font with the word food in bold and gawker in a thinner variation of the font, it’s so simple that I feel like readers would want to keep reading. Aside from the type, I really like how the background of the website is a neutral gray color, as to let the colors of the food make up the color scheme for the website in a really natural and organic way. I think that this is great because it allows each box with food in it to stand on its own, and draw visitor attention. The boxes also include links to the recipes so that if readers are really ambitious they can attempt to make the amazing food they see. However, if you’re not that ambitious, well then- you can just gawk!


Magazine Project # 4

18 Nov


Channeling Type

13 Nov

While the initial photo of this spread is a little smaller than I had wanted for this post, I still feel it is effectively represented. I feel like the main type component of this spread is the contrast between the serif and the sans-serif typefaces.

I was instantly drawn to the way that the title is in a medium and all caps sans-serif font. I think that against the script that is in the sub heading, it really adds a very interesting touch that draws the reader into the spread. I also feel as if the script is a really unique choice for the sub heading because it effectively complements the caps title of the article.

In contrast with the heading and sub heading, I feel like the serif font used for the body text really provides not only a great contrast, but a more elegant  and feminine touch to the overall feel of the article. I think that this is really effective and connects well to the picture on the right side of the spread. Overall, I think that the contrast between serif and sans-serif typefaces is difficult to achieve, but is effectively achieved within this spread.

Across the Color Wheel

4 Nov

Spot Color:

This cover from Vogue uses the bright blue spot color from the models dress to influence the deeper shade used for the title, as well as other lighter shades seen in the models bracelet.


This picture of pop-culture figure, Marilyn Monroe shows her photographed with a red duotone over top of the black and white photo.


Analogous Colors:

This cover effectively pairs the colors green and blue together, making use of different lighter shades of the colors paired next to each other as the reader scans to the bottom of the cover.

Complementary Colors:

This cover from The Oprah Magazine not only plays off of an upcoming holiday, but utilizes the complementary red and green colors to make a really dynamic contrast from the dress Oprah is wearing to the dark green boxed title of the magazine.


Triadic Harmonies:

This spread effectively blends solid and bright blocks of red, blue and yellow together taken  from the comic book pictures  to set a comic book like feel to the tone and overall aesthetic of the spread.