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Kevin Kearns’ Interface

8 Dec


Type and ESPN Team Up

5 Dec

Blog Post #11

I really like the typeface that ESPN choose to use for this cover. Obviously, the typeface absolutely dominates this design, so whatever typeface that chose was going to be critical towards the designs success. I am a big fan of sans serif types, so right off the bat, this typeface appeals to me. However, why I like this goes much deeper than simply the typefaces’ class. I really like how thick the typeface is. It just has a solid appearance. I also like how the size and kerning of the typeface is varied all over the page. It creates an aweing effect. Overall, between the choice of the typeface, color, and size, I think this is a succesful design.

Bringing Design to Life with Typography

5 Dec

Blog Post #3

Choosing a typeface is a very interesting and unique task. The first thing a designer has to do is narrow down what class they want to go with. Here the designer went with a type that is a sans serif. I love the choice of using a sans serif because of the more modern feel that it will bring to a design. Baisically, a text with a serif would have given this design a completly different feel. Whereas this typeface seems to imply that the design is in the ‘in.’ I also like the typeface here because it is a little bit quirky. The typeface has some letters that seem a little bit off, and to me that in intrigues the viewer to spend that extra second looking at a design. Overall, I really like this piece.

Succesful Elements

5 Dec

Blog post #1

I think that the most succesful graphic designs incoporate several elements, however, to me the most important one is color. The use of color can really bring a design to life. Whether it is contrasting colors or using them as compliments to each other, knowing how and when to use color is a huge tool for succesful graphic design. I think some of the best graphic designs of all-time could be ruined by simply changing the tone of a color. So in order to really be succesful, designers should pay close attention to what color they are using and why they are using that color.

Printing: A Complex Business

2 Dec

Before Tuesday’s class I had absolutely no idea how complex the printing business. It always seemed so simplistic but really there are so many options and different things that you can do with it. Going into communications it will definitly be helpful to know these different things, in case my organization ever needs to do any special forms of printing.

Kevin Kearns Magazine Spread

18 Nov


Web Mania

18 Nov

My first website belongs to What I really like about the website is how much is going on, yet still how simple and organized the site is. Just from looking at the homepage, a fan can walk away with a days worth of knowledge, yet the design has created a look that doesn’t intimidate viewers. Along with the massive amounts of information, the designers even managed to fit an ad in…very impressive. Overall, just the simply organization of this site is what impresses me.

My second website is the homepage for The site had a lot of possibilites, but I love how interactive it is. The designers managed to create a virtual movie store, that is incredibly convient. Whether it is the movies you can flip through or the recently watched options, the site makes you want to click on things. Also, much like ESPN there is a organization that allows them to fit a lot of information on one page. This is a very impressive design. is another website design that I really like. Obviously, the designers had the challenge of employing the concept of Pandoras Box while still creating a useful website. I think they did a great job. The website is unpredictable, yet still consistent. By looking at the main layout, you are not sure exactly what you’re going to get, but the designers still give you a general idea. I think the design matches the concept of Pandoras Box and what Pandora is pretty well.

I can pretty confidently say that my absolute favorite webpage design is The design is absolutely genious. The designers utilized white space along with numerous gestalt principles to create a visually stimulating search engine. The concept of a search engine would normally suggest a very dry layout, yet the designers created something incredible. I love the typaces they chose along with the colors which seem to represent the entire color wheel. But the number one thing I like about the site is how well they utilized the white space.