See who’ll be rocking The Dome at this year’s Relay for Life

9 Dec

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Kevin Kearns’ Interface

8 Dec

Allison Judd Web Design

8 Dec

Steel City (post #2)

8 Dec

The Pittsburgh Steelers word mark really works for me. Not only are the letters, in this specific word mark, made to look like steel, the logo associated with the word mark have significance as well.

The font used for the mark is very strong and powerful in all caps, like steel is. The decoration of the letters make it look like steel too. Overall the color, typography, size and design of the letters encompass what the work mark is for….what I believe to be the best football team in the NFL (sorry if I offend anyone!).

The logo that is associated and most times coupled with the work mark reflects the three rivers in Pittsburgh. The team is very Pittsburgh-centric, the city loves and team and the team loves the city. I really don’t think anything should be changed or done differently. The word mark and logo have never been redesigned and the franchises history, and it really never should be.eeeeee

quick coffee (blog 7 make up)

8 Dec


Dunkin’ Donuts logo has a very successful logo design.  Its colors, orange and pink are analogous colors because they are next to each other on the color wheel.  This gives the overall appearance a very appealing look to the entire design.  I like how the colors are used in different places throughout the whole design.  They break up the colors well with the coffee cup between them on the logo and then the two d’s are each in pink and orange.

I also like how the coffee cup is in brown instead of black.  The brown works much better with the rest of the color scheme.  I think the use of steam coming out of the cup says a lot about the freshness of Dunkin’s coffee.  Dunkin’ is infamous for their coffee so including a coffee cup adds to the logo.

Simple visuals say the most

8 Dec

Designing a creative and eye catching poster is a difficult task for any designer. The majority of the posters I looked at didn’t intrigue me. Oftentimes, they were overdone with too many visuals and text. After searching through many poster designs I immediately stopped for this Lego one. The reason it caught my eye is because it was so simple. In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with media noise and sometimes silence can speak louder than all of it. This is the case for the Lego poster. It works because the white sticks out so crisply from the blue background. The idea of using a shadow of a ship for the visual is design brilliance. Words aren’t necessary because we all know how children’s imaginations can run wild. A couple of small white blocks clicked together can become a pirate ship sailing the seven seas  for treasure. The poster brings back childhood memories of imagined fantasy for the viewer. To strike such a warm cord in people’s, especially consumers’, hearts is a company’s dream.

Another thing that works for this poster is that the logo of the Lego brand is right at the exit point and is colored red, drawing the viewer’s eye straight to  it.

The only suggestion I could think of would be to make the shadow bolder. It took me a second to notice the entire visual and realize what the poster was about. Posters must garner attention immediately or someone will walk right by them. By making the shadow a little darker it would be more obvious and might attract more attention.

Michael Sandora Website

7 Dec