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Admiring The Print

4 Dec

One of the things I learned about printing in class this week is that there are alot of different things that go into printing. There are different weights and colors. From the deteriating  of the boxes to the finishing product, alot goes into printing that I never knew or even thought of how much time, money, and effort it takes for it to be produced. I’m glad we had the opportunity to watch the videos, because I now have a better understanding of the “printing world” and whatever my profession may be in the future, I will have a better understanding of the process of printing.


Phenom Magazine

20 Nov



19 Nov

Before I traveled to Australia, I went to the  Australia travel website to see what’s so great about it. This website has everything that any traveler needs to know about the country.

What attracted me to this website out of all the websites on travelling to that country were the photos. Every 5 seconds, a different photo of the country from snorkeling, to the aborigini people, to the local culture, it shows you the best of what Australia has to offer. The colors are also something that attracts me to want to know more about the country. It shows the bright blues of the ocean, the tan-dark brown contrast of the caves, and the beautiful greens of the forest.  I also like the typography and the logo. It’s kind of handwritten, but captivating in some way. In the logo it’s a kangaroo jumping in front of the sun. The logo takes two things that the country is known for and makes into a great logo, sunshine and kangaroos.


This is the official website for Beyonce.

When you first go to the page, it has a picture of Beyonce’s hair flowing and singing her heart out. The typography of her name seems to be a little stretched out, but the color of the word Beyonce matches what she is wearing while singing in the big photo as well as the dvds. Seeing that it is Beyonce’s website, the focal point is her. The website shows what Beyonce is doing right now, on tour. The bad thing about this website is once you scroll down, it’s a basic white blackground with metallic gray coloring fading into the background. The headlines on the website are the metallic gold used up top, but it’s too light, maybe if it was a little bolder it would make it look much better.


This is the website of the great Michael Jordan. It is the website for his Jordan brand.

What attracted me to this website was the fact that I love the Jordan brand. It varies from clothing, shoes, sports gear, and most importantly, the players that are apart of the Jordan collection. The screen shot above shows all of the players that the Jordan brand sponsors, in Jordan basketball apparel. I like the photo of the players all have on their “game face” all doing something different in the photo. The ridges around each player, makes it have action, like they are coming off of the website. The iconic Jordan logo directs you to the homepage and behind each headline, the background is the sole of the shoe.

This is the famous newtworking site Facebook.

This website was created for college students at Harvard only, now it is has outlasted many networking sites, allowing us to know connect with anyone from across the world. From businesses, to old classmates, to family, facebook lures us together by allowing us to post pictures, comments, notes, videos, and various things. When you first type, the screen shot you see above is what pops up. I really like the illustration of people on the different continents, connected by this website. The simplicity of the way you join facebook, allows people of all ages get involved. The website is easy to use and can be used anywhere. Though a billion dollar company, it shows us that anyone can use this website to connect with people.

Across The Wheel

5 Nov

Spot Color:  In this magazine cover the spot color, red, tells us the title of the magazine and the main feature story inside.


 This cover uses duotone by adding a hint of brown in the photo. The brown also goes well with the dark brown title of the magazine.


In this Martha Stewart Living Mag., she uses green, yellow, orange, red, and all the colors in between for the cover. The different colors on the wall also shows the inspirations for the pillows on the couch.


The red of the title and the green dress are both complementary.


Here Andy Warhol uses Blue, Yellow and a tint of Red to create one of the many of his iconic images of Marilyn.

Theory Is Simple, Execution Is Harder

1 Nov

Allen Adamson, SU graduate and now the Managing Director at Landor Associates, gave a lecture last week entitled, “Building Powerful Brands.” In his lecture, Adamson talked about the difference between brand and branding. Brand is what your company stands for( what’s the story you want told) and branding is how you tell the public (advertising, customer service).

Adamson went to talk about four characteristics a company is based on: Differentiation, Relevance, Esteem, and Knowledge. Some will have Relevance without Differentiation, Differentiation without Relevance, Differentiation and Relevance, and Fire on Ally Cylinders (Disney). With that in mind, Adamson went on to say, ‘Theory is simple, execution is harder,” which means we have to be different, relevant to the time we are in, understanding of the brand, and the will to go for it.

The importance of branding is for you to listen, observe, and look at consumers to know what they want. Since we are in the digital age, the web is now most people form of information, but Adamson said that simply “word of mouth” is still effective. To be successful Adamson says we must pick signals that others ignore, put those signals into an experience, and build upon that experience.

I learned alot about brand, branding, and just the basis of what a successful company principle’s should be based upon at the lecture. The most important things to me was when Adamson said, “Look at ways to get your consumers to promote for you.” That raises the question on how do I become a “wow” factor? Throughout this semester, that has been what Professor Taylor has been pushing us to become, from resumes that stand out from the ordinary, to creating a logo of our own, having that “wow” factor makes us stand out in today’s world.

Logo Project

29 Oct




Up Close and Personal

29 Oct

The magazine I got my layout from is the Oprah Magazine. In this layout the most effective thing here is the design of the typography. I really like how they have the word, “Long” in italics because usually when reading italics, it takes you a little bit longer than when reading it in its normal state. Your eye captures the headline before going on to part of the pretext. The “g” on long loops to the red x’s on the page. The red shows you who the story is written by, who the photographer is, and who the focal point of the story is on.

The picture itself makes you feel as though the soldier is jumping right at you. It makes you feel as though you are going to read a story that is up close and personal. This picture puts you right in the middle of the action. The color blends well with the background. The fact that her uniform is used for camouflage tactics blends well with the green trees in the back. The colors are unsaturated, reminding me of the dessert. When I see this photo, I think that we will see that she’s is tough and she goes off to fight for her country, but the fact that we see her base camp so distant in the background, without even reading the article, I believe that we are getting to know her on a personal level.