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Steel City (post #2)

8 Dec

The Pittsburgh Steelers word mark really works for me. Not only are the letters, in this specific word mark, made to look like steel, the logo associated with the word mark have significance as well.

The font used for the mark is very strong and powerful in all caps, like steel is. The decoration of the letters make it look like steel too. Overall the color, typography, size and design of the letters encompass what the work mark is for….what I believe to be the best football team in the NFL (sorry if I offend anyone!).

The logo that is associated and most times coupled with the work mark reflects the three rivers in Pittsburgh. The team is very Pittsburgh-centric, the city loves and team and the team loves the city. I really don’t think anything should be changed or done differently. The word mark and logo have never been redesigned and the franchises history, and it really never should be.eeeeee


Printing: A Complex Business

2 Dec

One of the things I learned about printing in class this week is that it is extremely complex. There are different paper finishes, weights, and colors. Ink also comes in many different forms and its usage varies based on how you want the final product to look and on what paper stock. In the future, no matter what my profession will be, I am sure that i will need to have something professionally printed. Now, I will certainly not go in uninformed, at least I will have some idea of what I want. Also after class and looking at some of the examples being passed around the room, I understand what makes printing pricer and more time consuming to produce.

Swisshelm Park 5K

2 Dec

Magazine Design

23 Nov


The World Wide Web

19 Nov is a student’s personal website that includes a portfolio, resume, contact, and about page.

What I like about his site is the large background image, and that it feels as though there is still a lot of white space on the page. The colors work nicely together and the image, although beautiful, does not detract from the main purpose of the site, displaying his portfolio and resume. One thing that could be improved is the interactivity of the site. Although the pop-up says portfolio, the navigation bar does nothing to show that you are on the page. Overall I think there is a good visual hierarchy to the site.

Another website design I like is my cousin, Kyle Makrauer’s, photography site. What I like about his site is the simplicity. The top header and navigation bar is a simple gray and white, which does not distract the visitor from what is being showcased. I like that the standard needs of the site (navigation bar, logo, contact info, etc.) are not dramatized here. On thing I would improve is the scrolling. As you can see the site is only a little bigger than my screen, which makes me have to scroll a little to see his contact information. If the pictures were displayed a little smaller, I wouldn’t have to scroll at all.

What I like about the Urban Outfitters site is the immense use of white space. Although the site is smaller than my web browser, the white space bleeds to fill up the window. It allows the viewer to look directly at the displayed content and not get distracted by other things on the site, which is exactly what a shopping website should do. They want you to spend money, LOTS of money and they need you to focus on the items for sale, not the background or colors of the website itself. I think this website is really effective in doing that.

John Mayer’s website has a lot of good things going for it. Overall I really like the colors, interactivity, and layout of the site, but what I wanted to focus on is the navigation bar. I like the size of it, making it easy to read and navigate for every visitor. I also like how the colors work with the site logo. Mainly I like how the navigation bar shows you what page you are on. Out of the several websites I looked at for this post, this was the only one that did this, which was surprising to me. One additional thing that I like about the website, that cannot be seen in a screenshot, is the top picture that changes every couple seconds. The space is used in a really effective way to promote his new single, sell his CD and concert tickets when he is touring. However, I am not really in love with how the logo ties in to the pictures at the top. It just isn’t cohesive to me.

An Easy Read

10 Nov

The headline and body typefaces in this design are easy to read and work well with the overall design of the page. Beginning with the headline text, the colors create a gestalt and visual hierarchy in the design. I like the thickness of the typography and the white outline on the black letters. The black text over the green text also gives it a sense of dimension, making the headline eye-catching.

The body text is easy to read and brings the reader into the article. The leading and spacing between paragraphs also helps the design by opening up more white space on the page. At first glance the page does not look crowded and seems to be an easy read. Since many of the “good” fonts we discussed in class were serifs, I was surprised to find this article uses all sans serifs, which work extremely well. It gives the article a simpler feel with a more relaxed tone, especially since it is not a hard news story. I think everything about this article works well together from the colors, spacing, and most importantly the typography.

A World of Color

4 Nov

1. Spot color

This magazine spread uses bright, almost neon green for the header and the side bar, making a great, bold eye-catching graphic display.

2. Duotones

This magazine spread uses black, white, and red to add a layer of contrast to an ordinarily boring black and white image.

3. Analogous Colors

This spread quite literally uses analogous colors with the use of purple and blue brush strokes on the opposing pages.

4. Complementary colors

This advertisement uses the complementary colors green and purple all throughout the design. it is on both pairs of shoes and even on the model’s shirt. The use of purple and green certainly draws in the eye to the ad.

5. Triadic harmonies

The cover the this New York Magazine uses a combination of purples, blues, pinks, and orange and green in a triadic harmony. It pops full of color and really makes you want to read it. It also hints at how truly diverse New York is (with all of the different colors).