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Blog Assignment #8

19 Oct

I know you are all very busy getting your logo design’s finished up this week, so I thought I’d keep your post simple.

All you need to do is find a logo which links it’s visual with the type successfully and give a brief explanation why.

Keep your response short but concise.  You need to still talk about the principles of design, but keep it simple.

Blog Assignment #7

12 Oct

Hello all.

For this week you will need to find an example of a successful logo and post it to the blog.  You will also need to fully analyze the design choices (type, color, layout, etc.) as well as discuss why the logo works well for the company’s (or person’s) purpose.  I want your opinion, so push yourself to get a voice in your writing, but I also would like you to do some research on the company and the development of the logo (include outside sources as links).

Here are links to two of the sites Professor Taylor mentioned in class that will help you on your search.

Brands of the World

Landor & Associates

As always e-mail me with any questions and it is due by midnight on Friday.


Blog Assignment #6

4 Oct

This week we will be discussing the use of color in your poster designs.  In design color is a very important element, it can either make or break your overall design depending on how the colors interact with each other and the rest of the design.  If you have an awkward color it will make your design flop.

To better understand how color effects the viewer and how to successfully use color in your designs there are some basics you must first learn…

1) I’m sure you have all seen the color wheel, but if you do not fully understand why red and green are complimentary colors and what that means check it out.

2) There are three major properties of color, hue, saturation, and value, that effect the mood of the color and should be considered when you are choosing colors for your design.

3) When you combine different colors you are creating a color scheme.  This is one area where color can become difficult.  It is easy to make your colors work when you are only using one, but the more you add the more you have to pay attention to how they work together.  For ideas of good color schemes check out the latest color trends and palettes.

Now once you feel you understand the above aspects of color I want you to find three examples of color use in poster design, two of which you feel are successful and one you feel fails miserably. (three all together!)

I want you to post all three examples, compare and contrast what works in them and how they utilize color using the design vocab we are learning in class.

Be critical and concise with your argument look at how color effects every aspect of the design, from overall feel to type and visuals.

Hint: when looking for two good examples try to find one that uses only one color and one that works with a definite color scheme, it will give you more things to talk about.

Blog Assignment #5

28 Sep

As you begin to get into your project design I thought it would be useful for you all to spend some time thinking about the historical significance of poster design.

The birth of graphic design can be traced back 30,00 years to cave paintings, and as we can see it has come a long way since then.  With the advent of technology over the last few decades and this surge of digitization that is encompassing more and more of our lives it may be hard at times to remember that things like graphic design started out with people literally drawing posters by hand.

Many of you may have seen the poster by Henri de Toulous-Lautrec that is posted below before now, but to those who are not familiar with it Lautrec did a series of posters in the late 19th century designed for the promotion of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France.  Now he didn’t have any computers to generate color and type, or Illustrator and tablets to draw out his design, it is a lithograph that he designed by hand.

What I want you to do is first analyze the design principles in this poster (what you like/don’t like, what could change, etc.).  Once you have done that I would like you to answer the following questions:

Does this type of design still hold relevance in today’s digital age? Why or why not?

If this design were replicated by a computer would it have the same feel/effect on the viewer?

Blog Assignment #4

21 Sep

As we are moving from the resume project to the poster design one, this week I would like you all to find an example of a poster design you feel is successful.

Please post the design to the blog and analyze the specific aspects that you find work and anything that could be done differently to make the design stronger.

As always please check out what other students have posted as I do not want any repeats and have fun!

1st Design Challenge

16 Sep

Syracuse University uses a particular typeface in its signage and branding. It is not okay to figure this out through any method other than exploring the Adobe Library. Look at the University seal, open Suitcase, and explore. The first person to identify the exact typeface in an e-mail to Prof. Taylor will win the first type challenge.

Hint: it’s a modern serif typeface.

Blog Assignment #3

14 Sep

This example was taken from the recommended reading, Graphic Design Basics, and I chose it because it is a layout designed only with text.  As we are covering the different kinds of type this week in class I thought it would help you guys to think about how text affects the viewer.

I want you to look at the design and really analyze the different categories of type used and whether or not you think the design is successful with its application of each type and positioning.  Also look for what type doesn’t work for you and what you would do to improve it.

When you are thinking about these things really pay attention to how the text conveys what the message of the piece is, which will help you on your overall evaluation of type choice.

Layout design for The Metamorphosis by Paula Scher.