Two journalists, an author and a non-profit connect on the web…

20 Nov

No punchlines, right to the content:

“No One Belongs Here More Than You”

This site is a book promotion tool by multimedia artist/author Miranda July.  I love the unconventional approach (the entire site uses her stovetop as a canvas, all text is handwritten, navigation is all through links and the arrows in the lower right corner) and the aesthetic of it stands out when browsing web sites. Additionally, I think this is an extreme example of a piece of Prof. Taylor wisdom, “Simple web design is best.”  There is no confusion in navigation or in the hierarchy of information yet the site still manages to convey the creativity and perspective of its author.

COLAB Playhouse

COLAB is a non-profit hooks up local innovators/specialists with organization needing collaborators. They also implement a heavy image based design (each of their pages has a different background image) but utilize a more traditional content strategy. My favorite thing about the design is the framing of all their information. It’s strongly inline with the container concept Prof. Taylor preaches but they vary the size of all the individual information boxes to form larger containers in an appealing way (not too mention, the color and font selections help maintain the modern feel of the non-profit).

When I first took a web design class, I was Googlingt things  “multimedia journalist web design” and “journalist homepage good design.” That’s how I found this personal site from Brett Rogiers (he was just a grad student/UF employee when I first tried to mimick it for my own domain, now a CNN Multimedia employee). His site hasn’t changed much in those three years but it doesn’t need to. It’s very well organized from both a graphical and an information architect standpoint. His use of a color pallete is effective, the “containers” he utilizes break the page up well and it all looks so clean due to the use of white space.

I wanted to find a design I liked that didn’t rely heavily on color or imagery. is the site of a graphic designer.  The simple “I’m a graphic designer” banner across the top of the page is clean, modern and ever bit as effective as an image or some splash color. The navigation bar across the top of the page is easy to find and understand and he incorporate some of his other links in a nice pull quote that doubles as a page divider between his header and the “About Me” body text. His site is a bit long (definitely requires scrolling at all times, regardless of monitor size) but it’s a great inspiration for what simple layout and font choices can do for the appeal of a site.


One Response to “Two journalists, an author and a non-profit connect on the web…”

  1. A Graphic World II November 26, 2010 at 9:09 am #

    Nice work and great job incorporating things we have discussed in class, however in each you are really talking about layout and I wish you would have found some sites you like for their type or color choice (just as an example).

    -Bridget Streeter

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