19 Nov

Before I traveled to Australia, I went to the  Australia travel website to see what’s so great about it. This website has everything that any traveler needs to know about the country.

What attracted me to this website out of all the websites on travelling to that country were the photos. Every 5 seconds, a different photo of the country from snorkeling, to the aborigini people, to the local culture, it shows you the best of what Australia has to offer. The colors are also something that attracts me to want to know more about the country. It shows the bright blues of the ocean, the tan-dark brown contrast of the caves, and the beautiful greens of the forest.  I also like the typography and the logo. It’s kind of handwritten, but captivating in some way. In the logo it’s a kangaroo jumping in front of the sun. The logo takes two things that the country is known for and makes into a great logo, sunshine and kangaroos.


This is the official website for Beyonce.

When you first go to the page, it has a picture of Beyonce’s hair flowing and singing her heart out. The typography of her name seems to be a little stretched out, but the color of the word Beyonce matches what she is wearing while singing in the big photo as well as the dvds. Seeing that it is Beyonce’s website, the focal point is her. The website shows what Beyonce is doing right now, on tour. The bad thing about this website is once you scroll down, it’s a basic white blackground with metallic gray coloring fading into the background. The headlines on the website are the metallic gold used up top, but it’s too light, maybe if it was a little bolder it would make it look much better.


This is the website of the great Michael Jordan. It is the website for his Jordan brand.

What attracted me to this website was the fact that I love the Jordan brand. It varies from clothing, shoes, sports gear, and most importantly, the players that are apart of the Jordan collection. The screen shot above shows all of the players that the Jordan brand sponsors, in Jordan basketball apparel. I like the photo of the players all have on their “game face” all doing something different in the photo. The ridges around each player, makes it have action, like they are coming off of the website. The iconic Jordan logo directs you to the homepage and behind each headline, the background is the sole of the shoe.

This is the famous newtworking site Facebook.

This website was created for college students at Harvard only, now it is has outlasted many networking sites, allowing us to know connect with anyone from across the world. From businesses, to old classmates, to family, facebook lures us together by allowing us to post pictures, comments, notes, videos, and various things. When you first type, the screen shot you see above is what pops up. I really like the illustration of people on the different continents, connected by this website. The simplicity of the way you join facebook, allows people of all ages get involved. The website is easy to use and can be used anywhere. Though a billion dollar company, it shows us that anyone can use this website to connect with people.


One Response to “Travel.Entertain.Wear.Enjoy.”

  1. A Graphic World II November 26, 2010 at 8:55 am #

    Nice job, but you seemed to talk about the main design elements of each instead of picking specific, unique parts to each that stood out to you to discuss.

    -Bridget Streeter

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