From Paper to Screen: Creating Design Online

19 Nov

NPR is a non-profit media organization. Its website brings arts and culture and news stories from the radio to the Internet.

I like this website because it is clean and easy to read. The grid used to layout the information keeps the stories separate in a nice format as well as creating visual hierarchy. The site also achieves visual hierarchy through headline typefaces.

The black type against a white background makes the site readable. I also really like the black tabs on the navigation bar and how a fold in the top right hand corner lets the reader know which page they are on.

The one thing I would improve on this site is adding just a bit more color, but not too much. For instance, the colors from the NPR logo at the top could be used elsewhere on the site.

The Wisdom of the Bees is a website promoting a book by the same name. The book is by Michael O’Malley and discusses how studying bees taught him about business, leadership, efficiency and growth.

This websites shows the trend toward simplicity. The home pages doesn’t incorporate too much text but instead relies on its strong, yet simple, visual design.

Drawing from the topic of bees, this site uses a bold yellow background and black text for the title and page links. Yet, on the bottom half of the site the background is left white so to make the body-type text readable.

I think this site is really nice and designed really well. I can’t think of much I would do to improve it.

Austin City Limits is a music festival that happens every year in Austin, Texas. Its website gives festival-goers all the information they need, including ticket sales, line-up information and past photos.

Although I love the large photo slideshow at the top of the site, the first thing that really made this site interesting to me was the way it incorporates a second navigation bar about half way down the page, featuring updates, tweets, photos and videos. This bar features larger than normal tabs for a navigation bar and is visually appealing.

I think the green color scheme, with a pop of blue and orange, also works well on the site.

The one really bad thing about this site that should be improved is that when you are on other pages of the site, for instance, the Ticket page, there is no link to the Home page (although if you click on the Austin City Limits title it will take you back).

Rotten Tomatoes is a website that aggregates film reviews from national publications.

The main thing that attracts me to this website is the banner at the top. The site derived its name from tales of audiences throwing rotten tomatoes at performers with a stage show was bad. The banner takes the idea of the tomatoes, plants the website title into green grass with a pretty blue sky in the background. The green, blue and yellow colors immediately drew my attention to this site.

The grid also works well, and I like the current box office statistics going down the site.

However, I think the site could be improved by changing the color of the linked movies from blue to back to make it more readable.


One Response to “From Paper to Screen: Creating Design Online”

  1. A Graphic World II November 26, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    Nice work, but you seem to be focusing on the navigation of each site instead of dissecting unique aspects that stand out like type or color choice.

    -Bridget Streeter

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