Great designs are few and far between

19 Nov

Vogue has a reputation for being fashion forward in the most sophisticated sense. The design of their website pushes that image even farther through the use of clean lines, simple typography, and gorgeous pictures.

One element that stood out to me in Vogue’s design was how large the banner across the top is. It takes up almost half of the homepage but because it is oversized it engages the viewer and leads the eye right to the top of the page. I also really like Vogue’s color scheme of white, black, and red. The red pops on the screen making it a great color choice for the navigation bar that is full of important information. Using black and white for the rest of the design, although a little predictable, is a successful color scheme because it stays with the sophisticated branding of Vogue.

If I could fix one thing on the homepage it would be the pictures on the bottom (under “Most Popular”). None of the photos are the same size and one is a cut out while the rest are grounded in a frame. Both of these problems could be altered so easily and it would make the section look more uniform and organized.

The NBA Celtics website has every detail a basketball fan could need about the Boston Celtics. The team roster, tickets, schedule, scores, video highlights, etc. can all be found on the site which creates a challenge for the graphic designer. The vast amount of information makes it difficult to create a simple yet adequate website.

The designer did a great job with color, especially spot color in the banner. Using black and white pictures with green jerseys created gestalt with the color scheme of the boxes of information on the website. I thought the use of floorboards for the background of the website was a creative idea that ties the website back to the sport of basketball. The design was done very subtly and it meshes well with the rest of the site.

The bold, capitalized typography is my biggest complaint about this website. It is difficult to read some of the information which is a shame because there is so much on the homepage. If the designer simplified the type a little bit it would create a better visual hierarchy.

LF is a company of trendy stores that carry clothing lines from different brands. I love this site because it is so simple and easy to look at. The uncomplicated design allows the clothes to stand out but still has a  “cool” factor.

LF isn’t a flashy company even though they carry higher end clothing and their website reflects that. Even outside of the homepage the design remains simple and airy. I also think the color scheme of blue, black, and tan also is an unexpected but successful color choice. The colors work nicely with the clothes because they are cool and therefore fade into the background. The designer for this site did a great job branding the website to LF’s reputation.

Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of my favorite fashion blogs. I enjoy clicking through this website because the layout is set up using only about a third of the page for the information. This makes the paragraphs small and neat. I noticed I actually read the information on this blog more often than others because it is so visually aesthetic.

There are a couple problems with Cupcakes and Cashmere’s design though. First, the banner could use a makeover. The picture is dull and looks a little pixilated. Secondly, I think the ads and social media all at the top make the site look cluttered. The more the viewer scrolls down the simpler the design becomes. If the contact information, social media, and FAQs were moved to the bottom it would really improve the appearance of the website.


One Response to “Great designs are few and far between”

  1. A Graphic World II November 26, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    Very nice work, but I wish you would have added a bit more technical discussion using the terms we have learned in class.

    -Bridget Streeter

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