Great Web Design

17 Nov

The first website EW I chose is one where I spend a large portion of my time, EW’s site. Entertainment Weekly’s website is geared to fans of pop culture, past and present and gives updates, reviews and features about anything entertainment. They redid their website about a year or so ago and it looks much better now. They have a slideshow of their top articles that change multiple times over the course of the day and information is neatly divided into subsections of entertainment, which I enjoy because it’s very to locate whatever information you are looking for. The website also uses bright shades of red and blue in the background to grab readers attention. The only thing I would change on their site are the persistent, irritating pop-ads that urge you to subscribe to the magazine, which I already do, so it’s really annoying.

The second website I love because of its simplicity and it’s one whose design I never really thought about before, but I love Google. The web design is so simple and clean that it is incredibly effective, the bright primary colors of the word Google immediately attract the viewer’s eye and dominate the entire site, because that’s basically all there is besides the search bar and bars that take you to the other page. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of whatever typeface that is, but I love the innovation of the Google company and how they realized their name is the most interesting part of the site and they change it for special occasions, I personally look forward to seeing it on holidays and what designs they’ve come up with.

Another of my favorite site’s is for Sephora, a store that sells make-up and beauty products. It’s obviously targeted more towards women, but keeps it simple with black and white colors that match its’ storefronts. However, I also like the repetition of the hot pink color in the current site. The color contrasts with the normal black and white, which immediately grabs my attention. The theme is also repeated in various places throughout the site on gift items, I like that they kept it consistent.

Lastly,  I really enjoy the website for another new place in Syracuse, Chipotle. The giant burrito is very attention catching as is the music that first plays when the site loads. The site makes a little noise for parts of the site, which a think is an effective and unique aspect, if not slightly grating. My favorite part of their site however, is the pull string on the bottom, which allows you to actually pull it up and read all about their mission to serve “food with integrity”. The purpose of the site is to allow readers to learn more about the company and its products as well as to place an online order, all of which their site accomplishes.


One Response to “Great Web Design”

  1. A Graphic World II November 26, 2010 at 8:46 am #

    Nice job, but I would try to re-word some of your statements to get out the I likes and my favorites, you want to express your opinion by stating that in a more direct manner.

    -Bridget Streeter

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