SUGAR RUSH: New Fashion Craze (Magazine Project)

16 Nov


One Response to “SUGAR RUSH: New Fashion Craze (Magazine Project)”

  1. Sarah McCarty November 19, 2010 at 2:20 pm #

    There are a lot of things about this layout that I love, and few that I think could be improve. First, I think the headline and visual on the first spread was a really creative idea. Forming the candy into dresses and adding hangers immediately drew my attention. The only think I might add is the the pink background color on the right page could be linked a little better with the candy on the left page. There are some pieces with that pink color, but I think it could be stronger.

    On the second spread, I love the photo you used, and I think it relates back to the pink color to create consistency between the two spreads. However, I think the green background takes a bit away from that and it also makes the text hard to read. Maybe if the text was black it would work.

    I love how you repeated the candy on the right page, but every once in a while it makes the text difficult to read.

    Overall I really love the concept for this design and your bold colors.

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