STUBBLE: The World’s Premier Facial Hair Magazine

16 Nov

[See this spread in one file… transparencies aren’t working as a JPEG for some reason]

Design Strategy: Among the students I supervise, “No Shave November” is a major time of year. As soon as the month hit I also started seeing facial hair popping up in the news (see the cover).  It is a very pop-culture friendly, quirky niche and a natural topic for my magazine (18-35 demo, male and female facial hair enthusiasts alike).

Movember was the most feature-friendly related topic so that’s where my article search was focused. During brainstorming, I wanted to develop as many “Movember” related words as I could. From that list, “STUBBLE” stood out as a great title (short, specific, young and hip-oriented) and “growing” seemed like a very visual word I could play off within my spread.  I’ve been having success with using natural images in my design so I was thinking about that again (utilizing some facial hair?  Organizing some fall items to make a mustached face?). Ultimately, I pursued the idea of shaving cream as a font surface (and later used a t-shirt font with the same idea).

Facial hair is a very visual so I wanted images to be the basis of my spread. I found another fall item, the World Beard and Moustache Championships, which lent itself well to portraits. I had one in a full page image, but it printed pixilated.  The current design came after talking with TA Bridget Streeter and realizing a 4×4 square get more images involved and also create a cleaner looking page due to increased white space.

Fonts: On the cover, everything is done in Eurostile with a variety of faces. I chose the font because it reminded me of what Wired uses on their cover promos (an appealing aesthetic to me). I began playing with Eurostile on the title and the fullness of individual capital letters really worked. I kerned it to become one entity, remade the “S” so I could place it in front of the “T” then added a stroke to the letters so I could utilize the t-shirt color in the design.

On the feature’s title spread, I utilized Helvetica Rounded and Frutiger. Frutiger was my favorite of the 10 body fonts suggested in class and I wanted symmetry with the subhead and article since they’d be on separate pages. Helvetica Rounded resembled my shaving cream/finger font due to its rounded edges. The condensed face in particular was great for the term “growing” since its height helped push the effect I desired with that word.

With the article, Frutiger was my body text due to its sans serif aesthetic – modern, casual, younger. I continued to use Helvetica Rounded with my sidebars, pull quotes and captions to have symmetry with the feature’s title spread. I stayed away from the condensed face and it was still distinguishable from my body text.  With headlines I used black instead of bold which appeared playful and worked with the tone of a mustache spread.


Main Article from Time Magazine,8599,1933299,00.html

Brian Wilson T-Shirt:

Back cover ad:

World Beard Championships:,29307,1658835_1439526,00.html

Movember Style Sidebar:

Extra: I wanted a playful and visual sidebar. Movember offers a mustache style guide and I had the idea to do a mix and match game through that (I simply selected four of my favorite mustache style names).

My back cover needed to be a facial hair related ad and I thought a beard trimmer was better than a razor (since STUBBLE promotes facial hair). This ad had a cool, retro aesthetic with great color for the outside of a magazine.

Finally, I liked the idea of laying a transparent behind my folio and a mustache outline was perfect. I liked the idea so much that I carried it through the main spread (highlighting the byline, the pull quote and the end of a caption).


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