Organization, color, typography and visual image when executing a successful web design

16 Nov


Lauren Conrad Online is a fan website dedicated to Lauren Conrad, the MTV reality star, author and fashion designer.

I like this website because of the typography used. The script is very elegant, yet stands out on the slant and directs the eye up and down the page in a very effective way. I also like how the headers are in different fonts and sizes, it is very fun and shows the fun, laid back, trendy side of who Lauren Conrad really is, all through representation of type. I also love how the type text wraps around the image of her body, it is creative and organized well.



The website for Cosmopolitan Magazine is the website connected to the women’s health, fashion and gossip magazine.

I feel this design is very successful because of its color repitition and consistency. Bright pink is the main color of the website and I love that the design uses it all the way through to emphasize what is important and the big headers. Also, even though it is small, the & signs between the navigation bar headlines connect well because of the use of bright pink. Once again, the color helps direct the eye as it should be directed because the pink is so heavy on the top, so as we move down, our eye tends to catch on all the pink accents.


The website for The Empire Hotel NYC is an excellent website to look at. Immediately, I love the picture and I love how the entire design is so well-planned based on what the designer had to work with, from the picture. In terms of selling its product, a room at the Empire Hotel in NYC, the website does a great job. The picture completely captures the vision of the hotel: elegant, trendy and cozy. I love how the logo is brass E’s, representative of the door knobs entering the hotel. The first thing you notice is the picture and I think the image is the strong selling point of the website.

It is difficult to find an image, usually, that brings you in right away, especially as a main focal point on a website. In this particular design, the image screams loud and clear; The simple use of beige/gold on the rest of the site, just taking what is given in the picture is also brilliant and makes it a clean design.


Chop\’t Salad Online is a website for the chain/to go restaurants called Chop’t. Chop’t is a make-your-own-salad place located in a few different cities, including NYC and London.

This website caught my eye because the organization is very different than any other site I have seen. The headers go down on the left, as opposed to across a bar on the top. I find this very interesting and when done well, is quite successful. In this particular case, there are lines seperating each option, which is helpful, when using that style to break it up. Also, the type is bolded and bigger so that there is no confusion as to what all those terms mean. I like this tactic in this particular design because when trying to make a website simple, with a lot of white space, its nice to switch up other aspects of the design. In this case, there is one picture of a salad and like the ingredients in the salad, all the options are piled up next to the image. I love when designs go hand-in-hand with the dominant image in a creative way.


One Response to “Organization, color, typography and visual image when executing a successful web design”

  1. A Graphic World II November 26, 2010 at 8:42 am #

    Very nicely done, I would watch your sentence structure, at times it seems to run on.

    -Bridget Streeter

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