Blog Assignment #12

16 Nov

Moving on from the magazine layout project to begin your web design, for this weeks blog I want you to look for great website designs.  I want you to find at least four, make sure to embed the link of the website (do this in a way so you are not pasting the whole URL, instead if your site is link The Daily Orange),  take screen shot if you can, and a brief description of the purpose of the site (i.e. what is the company, product, or purpose).

Underneath the brief description I want one paragraph analyzing what attracts you to the site and what you would improve.  When looking for your four sites find ones that have unique elements that stand out.  For instance: one could have an amazing color palette while another utilizes text well.  Don’t find four examples that you like for exactly the same reasons.

Also just wanted to remind you all to post your magazine designs to the blog and comment on another student’s project.  If you have missed any blogs throughout the semester and make them up, please send me an e-mail.

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