A Biography in Typography

12 Nov

To discuss typography, I wanted to find a magazine page with a lot of type and analyze the body text. This biography of a composer that was published in the New Yorker earlier this year shows a smart choice in choosing body text. The typeface is similar to Caslon. While there isn’t a lot of graphics or pictures used to break up the type, the pages are still readable because the typeface chosen. The text flows smoothly because the letters have similar character widths. Also, there are not really large counters or extreme x-heights, which makes the article very readable. The height-to-width ratios of the letters are not too condensed or expanded, so the letters are not distorted. And the typeface is free from anything too quirky that would disrupt the reader from getting the message. Overall, this is a strong typeface for body text.


One Response to “A Biography in Typography”

  1. A Graphic World II November 16, 2010 at 4:04 pm #

    Great job dissecting the type. I would just break your paragraph us a bit to make it more reader friendly.

    -Bridget Streeter

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