5 Nov

Spot Color

This cover from Elle uses the purple from the model’s dress to create the background for the photo.  The background has various shades from the dress to focus the model more.


This photo old 20th century gangsters is duotone with a yellowish color over top of a black and white photo.

Analogous Colors

This copy of Parents uses analogous colors effectively in its layout.  The use of the various shades of the blues and purples complement each other giving the cover a soft feeling.


This cover of Entertainment has a great use of complementary colors, the dark black suit creates great contrast with the yellow dress drawing in the reader’s eye.


This logo shows triadic colors perfectly, the red, blue, and yellow in the design all sit roughly 120 degrees away from each other on the color wheel giving the image a please aesthetic like an old comic book.


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  1. A Graphic World II November 10, 2010 at 10:33 am #


    Complimentary colors, are ones which fall opposite each other on the color wheel. Now as black is in the middle you could argue it is opposite every color, however the point of this exercise is to understand how the colors are related. The compliment of yellow would be purple or possibly blue depending on the color wheel model you are looking at.

    -Bridget Streeter

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