Across the Color Wheel

4 Nov

Spot Color:

This cover from Vogue uses the bright blue spot color from the models dress to influence the deeper shade used for the title, as well as other lighter shades seen in the models bracelet.


This picture of pop-culture figure, Marilyn Monroe shows her photographed with a red duotone over top of the black and white photo.


Analogous Colors:

This cover effectively pairs the colors green and blue together, making use of different lighter shades of the colors paired next to each other as the reader scans to the bottom of the cover.

Complementary Colors:

This cover from The Oprah Magazine not only plays off of an upcoming holiday, but utilizes the complementary red and green colors to make a really dynamic contrast from the dress Oprah is wearing to the dark green boxed title of the magazine.


Triadic Harmonies:

This spread effectively blends solid and bright blocks of red, blue and yellow together taken  from the comic book pictures  to set a comic book like feel to the tone and overall aesthetic of the spread.

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    -Bridget Streeter

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