A few more examples…

4 Nov

1. Spot Color

This spread uses different shades of blue and black to obviously convey the message of the blues, relating the headline to the coloring. The spot coloring is in only using blue during the print.

2. Duotone

The duotone here is using the hint of brown in an otherwise grayscale picture that makes the photo more earthy and sets it better in the wilderness.

3. Analogous colors

This spread uses analogous colors in the leaf, the setting sun, and the woman’s red hair. The reds and oranges give the spread a nice, warm tone.

4. Complementary colors

This spread makes good use of complementary colors by contrasting the cold, blue colors with a warm orange. It’s interesting that they use orange because the swimmers diving in the ocean will be cold, so the warm orange was an obvious choice for the coloring design.

5. Triadic colors

The use of triadic colors here is best exemplified in the picture of Paul McCartney (top right), where one can find purple, blue, and a yellowish orange. The three make up a triad on the color wheel, rendering it a color triad. The other 3 photos hint at triads, containing two of the three colors, but the best example from this picture is Paul’s.


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