Cooking Light-again

3 Nov

I chose this particular spread from the November 2010 edition of the magazine, Cooking Light. Cooking Light is a magazine intended for people who are interested not only in cooking, but also cooking healthy recipes and food.

I chose this particular spread because I thought that usage of color combine with the usage of white space made this spread really brilliant. When I was browsing through this magazine, more than any spread, this one really caught my eye.

First off, I found the usage of the bright red to be a great choice not only since it stands out, but because it is a warm color so combined with the sauces on the page, it made me feel hungry. I am pretty sure other readers found this effect as well when looking at the spread.

I also liked how the bright red was used to signify important words or starting places throughout the spread. For example, the article is obviously about sauces, so the word “sauce” in the headline is red, as well as the drop cap “A,” which signifies the start of the article. The sub heading for the title of the article is also red, which drops off to lead readers to the red drop cap letter “A.” Also, the side bar title is framed in red, which I also really liked because it drew the reader to stop and check out the sidebar before continuing on with the article.

Aside from the red, I thought that choice of sauces all brought really beautiful and organic colors to the spread. I feel like the reader expects typical solid color. However, by bringing in the various sauce colors not only on the wooden spoons, but also randomly dripped around the spread, I found to attract the reader. I thought that this was a really eye-catching way to draw in readers and such a creative way to utilize color.

Combined with the colors from the sauces though, I thought the use of white space within this spread is really what brought together the contrast of organic sauce colors and bright red. By having just the spoons with a little sauce, and just a few drops on an all white background, I believe this really makes the colors effective because it gives them room to be seen and not clustered together.

Overall, I think this spread has amazing usages of color because the colors really draw the reader in and give them a sort of map detailing where to look next.


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