Blog Assignment #10

2 Nov

Working off of the discussion on color we had in class, for this week I will be asking you to find examples of color in design that fit the below categories.  You must find at least three of the examples from a magazine page, spread, or cover, the other two can be from any mode of design.  You only need to write a one sentence explanation of your choice for each category.  This is an exercise to show me that you understand the differences in color we discussed in class.

The five categories you must find designs for are:

  1. Spot Color
  2. Duotones
  3. Analogous colors
  4. Complimentary colors
  5. Triadic harmonies

Your posts should be set up as follows:

  • Category Subhead (i.e. spot color)
  • Uploaded image
  • One sentence explanation

Repeated for each category.

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