Theory Is Simple, Execution Is Harder

1 Nov

Allen Adamson, SU graduate and now the Managing Director at Landor Associates, gave a lecture last week entitled, “Building Powerful Brands.” In his lecture, Adamson talked about the difference between brand and branding. Brand is what your company stands for( what’s the story you want told) and branding is how you tell the public (advertising, customer service).

Adamson went to talk about four characteristics a company is based on: Differentiation, Relevance, Esteem, and Knowledge. Some will have Relevance without Differentiation, Differentiation without Relevance, Differentiation and Relevance, and Fire on Ally Cylinders (Disney). With that in mind, Adamson went on to say, ‘Theory is simple, execution is harder,” which means we have to be different, relevant to the time we are in, understanding of the brand, and the will to go for it.

The importance of branding is for you to listen, observe, and look at consumers to know what they want. Since we are in the digital age, the web is now most people form of information, but Adamson said that simply “word of mouth” is still effective. To be successful Adamson says we must pick signals that others ignore, put those signals into an experience, and build upon that experience.

I learned alot about brand, branding, and just the basis of what a successful company principle’s should be based upon at the lecture. The most important things to me was when Adamson said, “Look at ways to get your consumers to promote for you.” That raises the question on how do I become a “wow” factor? Throughout this semester, that has been what Professor Taylor has been pushing us to become, from resumes that stand out from the ordinary, to creating a logo of our own, having that “wow” factor makes us stand out in today’s world.


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