Snowboarders Feelin’ Blue

29 Oct

I liked this spread a lot (although it gets cut off because my scanner is not large enough) because of the coloring. It comes from Transworld Snowboarding magazine, and the coloring is probably the most attractive part of the spread because of their use of blue. The blue is a calming shade; it is not too dark making it navy or royal blue, but the hue is light and vibrant enough to convey the message of cold weather and enjoying the mountain in the winter time. There is a slight gradient in coloring the top and bottom margins of the page where one can find bars outlining the picture and framing it for the reader. the gradient starts out a lighter blue, and gets slightly darker as it ends over the top of the Resort Poll logo. What is particularly interesting about this gradient is that it incorporates the same colors as the logo (the dark and light blues), so the colors are repeated, though it is more subtle because it fades from the lighter color to the darker.

The framing of the picture is an effective way to make the picture more attractive because the colors bring the picture out of the frame. However because they are cool colors, they do not distract from the radical snowboard maneuver being photographed to the left of the article– you can see part of the jump on the bottom of the scanned spread.

For snowboarders reading the magazine, seeing an article such as this should obviously make them excited to hit the mountain in the coming months. The cool colors obviously send the idea of snow and ice, but for this type of crowd, the season with snow is the best time of year.


One Response to “Snowboarders Feelin’ Blue”

  1. A Graphic World II November 3, 2010 at 11:15 am #

    You need to tighten up your writing a bit.

    -Bridget Streeter

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