Passionate Colors Draw Attention

29 Oct








Food photographers really know what they’re doing. Anyone would be attracted to this spread because of the delicious food on display but I was  immediately drawn to it because of its successful use of color. After looking at numerous magazines searching for the perfect colorful spread, I finally found this attractive spread from the August issue of Oprah Magazine. It displays two fantastic photos filled will vibrant colors that effectively work with the concept of the story.

The deep oranges and red of the peaches on the left page and the peaches and ham on the pizza are instant eye-catchers. The warm colors, paired with the gestalt principle of equilibrium (the pizza and peaches are both circular) make this spread stand out. The dark green peach leaves and spinach on the pizza contrast the warm reds well and add to the overall design. The peaches are less saturated then the pizza but they work just as well because of their bright color. The warm colors stand out from the greens and brown table used on the right page.

The colors used in this spread are exciting, bold, and enticing. I honestly wouldn’t change anything about this spread.


One Response to “Passionate Colors Draw Attention”

  1. A Graphic World II November 3, 2010 at 11:18 am #

    Nice work, keep it up.

    -Bridget Streeter

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