Too Little, Too Much, Just Right

23 Oct

Color is an important element in any design. Sometimes, the best use of color is keeping it simple and only using one color. The only color used in this poster is red. The achromatic poster allows our eyes to draw right to the visual of the poster, the red lips. The red is a bold and warm color, immediately drawing attention. In the poster the word “gossip” is being bolded to put enfaces on the words making up the lips on the poster.

On the next poster, I just think there is too much goin on. There really isnt a focus point, your eyes just wonder from one side to the next, trying to make sense of the poster as a whole. Though most of the colors are complementary to each other, the different patterns and the same color shadow of the title is just confusing. When creating a poster, I think that you should try to keep as simple as possible to convey your message across. At the other extreme is a visual experience that is so overdone, so chaotic that the viewer can’t stand to look at it. This poster displays a  chaotic harmony. The visual task requires that we present a logical structure, something that this poster lacks.

The final poster uses alot of color, the black background makes it all come together. The  black provides the strongest contrast available in art. In this poster, the splattered paint drops of color makes up his afro. The colors also represented the emotion that specific character is supposed to give off. The colors are complementary, incorporating every aspect of the color wheel, from the warm colors to the cool ones. It displays a perfect harmony of colors.


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