Zombies are stiff and striking, so is their logo.

22 Oct

AMC strikes again (with the logos at least, I hope the show itself is also as good as their other offerings).

The Walking Dead is an upcoming series on AMC based on a famous zombie graphic novel series.  Here is a logo from the graphic novel series also being used in publicity for the TV franchise.

The text here is effective and very in tune with both the show content and overall design. First, the red used throughout the poster conveys the alarming nature of a zombie outbreak (and also comes to the front as a strong, warm color). The text utilizes this even against the red backdrop rather than opting for the white or black tones elsewhere in the advertisement.

Next, it’s widely known that zombie movement is very methodical and rigid. The visuals in the poster convey this by being very geometrical but also off-kilter (nothing is perfectly vertical, note the zombie and also the gravestones). The text is in an original font that takes the same approach. All of it is composed of very straight lines (emphasized with the text outline) but it’s rigid, non-uniform/non-symmetrical and almost jarring. Visually that’s in line with what we see in the poster and conceptually it’s an accurate portrayal of zombies through text (who knew that was even possible?).


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