A Winning Logo for Winnipeg

21 Oct

Though no longer a professional hockey team, the Winnipeg Jets were a hockey team from Canada with a classic logo in hockey history. They used primary colors, and as mentioned in class in the color exercise, red and blue are good complements that even babies can enjoy. They start ’em early in Canada.

What I really like about the logo is how easily they incorporated the main ideas of what the logo stands for. The hockey stick takes the place of the J in Jets and the plane coming across (obviously a Jet) is not intrusive, and seems to make the overall design more attractive. The design is also circular, although placidity and peace are not common feelings in the sporadic moments of a hockey game, but for the sake of attractiveness it works quite well with the overall design. The Jets incorporated a wholesome circular design alongside a few good symbols for the main idea of the logo to make a successful logo in the National Hockey League.


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