Zumba Logo is Perfect

20 Oct

Zumba, a highly addictive fitness/Latin dance class,  has taken over gyms across the country in the past few years. The company’s fun and attractive logo reflects their mission to make working out energizing and enjoyable.  The font chosen for the type in the logo accurately matches the dancing figure in the bright green circle and conveys the Zumba experience well. “Zumba fitness” appears to be a continuation of the figure.

The logo fulfills the first principle of gestalt, equilibrium, because the vibrant dot makes the logo balanced and appealing. The figure in the logo also achieves the gestalt principle of closure. The incomplete image draws the eye to the logo in order to close the gap and complete the form. Including a color that stands out in the logo makes this logo even more eye-catching. It’s not surprising that so many Zumba fanatics buy Zumba attire. I personally feel better about impulsively buying a Zumba shirt after evaluating their logo.


One Response to “Zumba Logo is Perfect”

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