just the right color

15 Oct

Color is such a huge aspect of all designs. Using a color scheme versus using a black and white design sends a different message to the viewer. It is very important to use color in a way that attracts the reader instead of hurting the design. It is important that a design is not too over the top either. Too many colors can make the design less readable.

This poster uses color very successfully. It only used three major colors through the entire poster. Its black background keeps the image clean with the white lettering and then colorful globes in the tires attract someone passing by to want to look closer at what the poster is all about. I think that the fact that they pulled a color from the blue in the globe to use for the sweat drops shows that they are sticking to one color scheme. This helps add to the success of the color.

Jack Daniel’s was very successful at the use of color in this poster design. They used a Grey scale as the background and then the bottle pops off the page. The color is a very cool color so it is brought forward on the poster. I really liked how they kept the reflection on the pool ball in color. I think that ads such a great touch to making the poster appear to be real. Its very welcoming and says a lot with its image.

My third example of color is not as successful as the first two. I think that the color scheme is a complete contrast and none of the colors complement each other. They do not give the poster any feel or character. The aqua color is also very hard to read. There are so many different shades of green that could have been used which would have been much easier to read. There are only three colors used on the poster however I felt like too much of each color is used. There isn’t any support colors on the poster they are all dominant colors. The poster would have been much more successful if the designer was more aware of the color use.


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