“Google It”

15 Oct

Although many of us don’t remember a change in the Google logo, except on those “special” days, the logo as we know it today was not the initial logo for Google.

The original Google logo was playful and ending with an exclamation point. The colors as we know it today have not changed however. The first logo was a serif, but a little thicker than it is today. It also has some shading in the background.

Then Google changed its logo in 1999. It stayed this logo until May 2010.

This logo is more sleek than the original. The colors are brighter and the letters read better together. There is still a 3D sort of effect, but it looks more professional and less playful. Google also chose to take the exclamation mark off of the design.

In may 2010, Google changed its logo yet again.

This time not much has changed. The type looks a little less 3D and doesn’t stick out as much, but generally it is pretty much the same.

Google also has a page of Google Doodles, the “special” Google logos that pop up on Google every so often. Currently Google is featuring 913 of them on their website. Some of them are so hard to read, you begin to realize how powerful the Google recognition it.

This one was for the 4th of July this year:


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