four companies four rings

15 Oct

When I think of a successful and recognizable logos, my mind first goes to car logos.  I think that the majority of car logos are so successful because by one glance at a car you can spot the compete logo easily and then can recognize what car company makes it.  The ability to distinguish the company from another company shows how successful they are.

For me, I think that one of the most successful car logos is the Audi logo.  It well represents the companies character and style.  I believe that the four rings set Audi apart from other car companies.  It is easily reproduced which helps add to its success.  I think that the rings are very sleek and clean cut.  It’s not too complex so it is able to be used in many different ways.

Its impressive that the logos simplicity is nothing over the top yet it is still recognizable.  The way the rings appear to be 3D gives the logo a very appealing structure.  It makes its viewers comfortable with the company and keeps its character distinguishable.

The Audi logo has quite the history itself. The reason there are four rings is because it is expressing the merging of four independent car companies in Germany.  In 1932, Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer all combined together to form one motor-vehicle company.  They all formed together under the name, Audi, which in latin means “Hear”.




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