A Luxurious Logo with Roots

15 Oct

In 1929 Enzo Ferrari founded the Ferrari car manufacturing company, which shortly after being founded became connected with the Formula One World Championship. While the company is named after Ferrari, the meaning of the logo is deeply embedded with Italian pride, culture.

The most noticeable and distinct part of the logo is the black silhouette horse, raised up on its hind legs. Not only is the horse the most visually impacting aspect of the logo, it is also the part of the logo with the most culture behind it. It is believed that the horse is named, Rampante Cavallo and supposedly named after a famous Italian flying ace named, Francesco Baracca.

The overall theme of having the horse is from the town in which Ferrari founded the company. Stuttengarten is where Baracca is said to have lived before his death, which, is named after an old German name that translates into English meaning “stud farm.” From this, it is believed that the horse was placed not only to honor both Baracca and Stuttegarten at the same time. The silhouette effect for the horse, along with the jagged edges along the main and tail of the horse I find to be really effective because I think it makes the horse look very intimidating and strong.

The yellow background was originally not part of the 1929 design, but added later to honor the city in which Enzo Ferrari is from. Ferrari is from Modena and their official color is yellow, which is featured in the background of logo. Also, the green, white and red stripes at the top of the logo are to represent and demonstrate pride for Italy, the country in which all of Ferrari started.

Another interesting aspect of the logo, but not as deeply rooted in Italian culture is the typeface that Ferrari is written in. I think the long letter “f” really gives the viewer a sense of the quickness of the car, especially since the product is a very expensive line of vehicles that typically are used for racing purposes. I also think the serif, chunky black lettering really adds a sense of elegance to the name, suggesting that the product is very expensive and luxurious.

Overall, I think this logo is brilliant not just because it is eye-catching, but because it honors so much of the culture not only of Italy, but of the culture surrounding Enzo Ferarri when he first founded the company. I think that having so much representation of pride for your city, and country incorporated to your logo is something that could be really potentially valuable to customers because it shows a deeper interest and love for the company other than just making money. I am definitely a fan of Ferrari, just not so much the price!


One Response to “A Luxurious Logo with Roots”

  1. agraphicworld October 20, 2010 at 3:56 pm #

    Great work. Really in depth look at the logo and history of the company, but it reads a little stiff.

    -Bridget Streeter

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