Really makes you want a slice…

14 Oct

One of the founders of California Pizza Kitchen once said, “I want to own yellow like Starbucks owns green.” He believed color is an aspect of a logo you notice immediately and always remember. California Pizza Chicken wanted to create brand association by becoming C.P.K. the way that Mcdonalds is Mickey D’s. C.P.K came from the obvious connected been the words California Pizza Kitchen and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

I love this logo for many reasons. The type solidifies what the company wants to portray: fast food but a little classier. The type of California is modern and sleek, while Pizza Kitchen stands out as a cute, friendly, “good old” pizza joint. This combines a classy feel like fun and familiarity. I like the use of yellow because it stands out and the cofounder was correct because anytime I see that yellow, I think of this logo. The palm tree is a nice representation of California, while also bringing our eyes down to the CPK, which was one of the companies main goals and one I love: CPK has caught on and it’s almost always referred to as CPK now…very successful marketing ploy. The checkered background goes back to that pizza joint, fast food feeling of a picnic blanket or those plastic table covers at local, mom-and-pop pizza shops. I also like that the top and bottom, if cut away from the California Pizza Kitchen are each shaped like a slice of pizza, whether you realize it, at first glance, you can’t help but think of the pizza. Mission accomplished.


One Response to “Really makes you want a slice…”

  1. A Graphic World II October 26, 2010 at 2:32 pm #

    Nice work, but I would try and break up your paragraphs to make them more readable.

    -Bridget Streeter

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