A Rainbow Effect of Color

9 Oct

Ray Ban is a perfect example of good use of color because their most important information and tag line is at the top of the poster and the brightest part of the entire ad. Looking at the poster below, the poster makes use of a ton of colors, most of the brightest colors are at the top as well. The contrast of brightest to dullest color I believe, really leads the reader down to the bottom or end point of the poster where the logo is placed. I think that having bright, eye-catching colors at the top of the poster really captures the readers attention and makes the reader really take in the entire ad, rather than just glancing at it and then moving on. Ray Ban also has several other posters that incorporate different types of colors all across the spectrum of colors in various light to dark hues that effectively work to make their ads really interesting, but all use different color combination, which really set them apart from other companies, especially sunglasses companies.




I think that the skittles “taste the rainbow” ad is really over done and not a good usage of color. I feel like their usage of the rainbow is iy not a creative use of color. I think the rainbow is quick for them to use because their candy colors make up many colors of the rainbow, but I really feel like the usage of the rainbow is the only thing that they use in their poster advertising and it is really not creative. I think that they could really use the entire rainbow to their advantage making use of different colors that are complementary and  also making use of different shades and hues of colors to make their product more marketable. Other than the rainbow, I have never seen anything different from the rainbow out of skittles and I think that since their product is so colorful it gives them a whole bunch of opportunities to use color to market their product effectly. Unfortunatley, they do not take advantage of these opportunites.










The new Coke ads I believe, are really brilliant examples of amazing usage of colors. Traditionally, I feel that everyone expects Coke to just stick with their typical red and white color and just keep on doing different variations of the hue and saturation of those colors. However, the new ads are really amazing. Their usage of the entire spectrum of colors is so good to see and I feel, really draws consumers to their product. The usage of so many colors all drawn together in bright color are really effective in grabbing the readers attention and really capturing their attention until the very end of the poster. I feel like adding not just one extra color to the traditional red and white, but many colors, really works to Coke’s advantage and makes their product so much more appealing, just because of their poster advertising. Not only their color, but the way they incorporate the old shadow outline of the coke bottle with the new bright sunshine/flower look is such an interesting contrast of color and brightness that I believe, really draws the reader to read the entire ad and not just a quick glance.





One Response to “A Rainbow Effect of Color”

  1. A Graphic World II October 12, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    Nice work, however I would break up your graphs more to make them seem more readable to viewers.

    -Bridget Streeter

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