Hello Helvetica

8 Oct

A simple google search of Graphic design posters brought me to a poster that seems to fit our class perfectly. The color design is simple, yet works in a abstract, professional manner. I personally really like the designers choice to make the robot figure white, while the rest of the posters red. The red attracts your attention and then the unique-white robot figure keeps your eye on the poster. Considering the original aspect of the poster in general, it’s definitly a success.

The second poster I really liked was the poster used to promote Drake’s album Thank Me Later. The poster was a very risky choice by the designer, in terms of color. It is very abstract since the color really isn’t identifiable at all. My best bet is that it is some cross between black and red. But overall it work perfectly together. It is so unique and orginal readers can’t help but look and take it all in. Really there isn’t much there outside of a picture of Drake. But the colors bring the poster to life.

Let me preface this by saying I really do like the concept of this design. I just hate the colors. It doesn’t work for me at all. It’s to dark. Outside of how cool the abstract feel of the poster is, I have no reason to look at this. I think the designers choice here was awful. I’m not sure if adding any bright colors would help, but maybe a little more white would bring the poster to life.


One Response to “Hello Helvetica”

  1. A Graphic World II October 12, 2010 at 8:08 pm #

    You started analyzing the aspects of color here, but you only scratched the surface. You need to look into how the different principles of the colors chosen affect the overall design.

    -Bridget Streeter

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