The Finest Poster

23 Sep

The finest poster comes from Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s Finest, a movie released in March last year, may not have scored  as highly as some in the box office, but in the wall art department it achieved success. The usage of recognizable landmarks in a unique way set this poster apart. I like how the designer used the Brooklyn Bridge as a dominant visual. That, coupled with the New York skyline, which was used to direct readers attention to the movie title and information, create a strong visual hierarchy.

The usage of red for the movie title font also draws the attention of the viewer, making up for the small font size. If I had designed the poster I may have made the movie title more prominent, possibly using a larger font. The designer did place the title at the exit point in the design, which along with the red color aids in its prominence.

The designer made good use of white space, leaving the area above the Brooklyn Bridge untouched. However, I would cut some of the body copy in the bottom half of the design in order to create more spacing around the movie title. Overall, this poster presents New York in a unique light, something difficult to do in the film industry. The visual hierarchy established by the designer makes this poster something to remember.


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